Alexander Berger: The Curl Specialist

Are you looking for a hair salon in Vienna that specialises in curly and wavy hair? Meet Alexander Berger's hair salon, a stylist and expert in beauty and hairdressing services who offers treatments specially designed for curly or wavy hair. It is one of the best Austrian hairdressers for women and men with curly and difficult to tame hair. If you want to take the best possible care of your hair, meet Alexander Berger and his salon!

Vienna's curl specialist has a name: Alexander Berger

Alexander Berger has opened the first salon in Austria that works specifically with wavy and curly hair. The salon uses the Brian Mc Lean Curlsys Curvecut technique for cutting and styling curly and wavy hair.

This professional hairdresser always wanted to dedicate himself to hair care, so he opened his hair and beauty salon in Vienna, which is designed to create an intimate, friendly and intimate space. Alexander Berger began his training in Vienna and continued in Berlin, where he took part in Brian Mclean's intensive Curl SYS course, which helped him to specialise in curly hair. During his career, he has worked in different parts of the world such as the Canary Islands and Colombia.

Today, Alexander Berger has a hairdressing salon in Vienna that specialises in curly hair and has clients from all over Austria. This type of hair needs special care, as there are more than twenty different types of curls that require techniques and methods adapted to the needs of the hair.

As you can see, with Alexander Berger you can have beautiful, perfect and healthy curly hair. A highly recommended and nationally known hairdresser in Vienna because he offers you an innovative and unique technique to make your curly or wavy hair more beautiful than ever.

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